Our Value Proposition

At Veritas, we always honour our values.

We practise integrity, prudence and delivery in every aspect of our business.

In a field where there are so many unknowns, you’ll always be able to rely on our word. Our prudence comes from our ‘pure’ advice experience, which differentiates us from many other financial advisers, enabling us to share considered insight.

With no affiliation to a specific provider or product, we have a clear mind-set to focus on finding you unbiased, real solutions. We believe we can make a real difference in your life by showing you how your money can work for you as opposed to you working for your money. In our minds, personal financial planning is more personal than it is financial.

We offer real solutions truthfully through a process of ‘lifestyle’ financial planning.

Why choose Veritas?

We offer a personalised accredited financial planning service

Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing you with a highly personalised service and expert advice. All of our advisers are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals; the internationally recognised academic mark of excellence.

Our holistic service enables you to achieve your financial goals

We offer a holistic service to cover all your financial affairs (from tax to retirement) and to cater for all eventualities (risks, death and disability). And we’ll regularly conduct financial reviews of your portfolio to ensure that your financial affairs are up to date and structured to cater for life’s ever-changing goalposts.

Ours is customised independent advice

As an independent practice, we are not affiliated to any financial product or company. This ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of financial planning best practice.

Our advice is based on knowledge and hard-earned insight gained through years of experience. That’s why we can guarantee to always put your interests first.

The service we offer is advice. We don’t benefit from selling specific products.

We remain committed to delivering advice in a simple and clear manner that’s easy to understand.

Dynamic plans accommodate life changes

We want you to delegate to us, not abdicate to us.

We’ll provide you with the understanding, knowledge and insight to make informed decisions that support the life you want to lead.

Financial planning is not a once-off event. We’ll provide you with a ‘living plan’ that’s dynamic, evolving as your needs change. We recognise that every client has unique needs and respect that these needs may change over time.

Our ‘living plan’ means that we continually re-assess your situation and goals to help you to always make the best decision for your present lifestyle.

We don’t just consult, we build relationships

Although our initial interaction is usually with one family member, we strongly encourage the involvement of the entire family in the process, especially the partner or spouse. This ensures a common understanding and helps to provide financial peace-of-mind for all.

Find out more about our integrated approach

Find out more about our integrated approach