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World Citizens – Life Leads and Money Follows

As globalisation continues, increasing numbers of people are on the move .… to other countries, living and working in other parts of the world. With laws and regulations differing from one country to another, financial planning is a complex business. Veritas has therefore joined the World Citizens network of CFP® Professionals to ensure that our clients continue to get the best advice possible.

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The True Cost of Advice

A reputable adviser sells advice not products. When it comes to financial planning, Veritas Wealth founder Barry O’Mahony told the Sunday Times recently, you need to choose an independent Certified Financial Planner® who has your best interests at heart. “You need someone with whom you can share your goals in life and help you to make them a reality,” says Barry.

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Five Steps To One Giant Stride: SA 2019

Our country has had more than its fair share of turning points. Ahead of next week’s State of the Nation Address we look at five key steps taken by President Ramaphosa, in an otherwise gloomy 2018, to assess if they’ve laid foundations for a big turning point this year. Will the rapidly approaching general election provide an answer that could just make 2019 a truly momentous year?

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