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Investing offshore – mind the red tape

When it comes to investing offshore there are now more and more rules to consider and the existing rules are being enforced more strictly and more often. Genuine global diversification relies on legal strategies and greater transparency, which come with lots of red tape. Although the paperwork alone is daunting, the process could take as little as a few weeks if help is at hand to navigate the path smoothly.

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Transform your life, one night at a time

Many of us, it seems, are missing out on sleep – “the chief nourisher in life’s feast,” which is how Shakespeare viewed sleep in his time. Today, Ariana Huffington, founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, looks at sleep in our time and comes up with a startling conclusion in her new book: we’re in a sleep deprivation crisis.

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Cash is king. Or is it?

Yes, returns from listed property and equities have been disappointing, but investors thinking of cutting their losses and switching to cash should perhaps remember legendary American investor Howard Marks two rules for investing. Rule one is that most things on markets are cyclical. Rule two is that some of the greatest opportunities for making or losing money come when people forget the first rule.

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