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The Caring Gene

Retail legend and grocery chain founder Raymond Ackerman is known as a generous man. In his retirement he hasn’t retired from giving and once said “Doing good is good for business …” when urging others to commit to social responsibility programmes. “Look after your customers, your people [staff] … and your society,” Ackerman added.
We believe in and follow a similar philosophy at Veritas and today we look back on, and want to share with you, two projects that Veritas supports, thanks to the continued support from our clients.

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The Geometry of Wealth: the only benchmark that matters

As many of you will know, we often ponder over the relationship between money, happiness and success. It’s certainly a great dinner table conversation: does happiness create success or does success lead to happiness? A recently published book, The Geometry of Wealth, asks: What is True Wealth? Author Brian Portnoy finds the answer in four words, each starting with a C.

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