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Buy, Build, Sell or Beg?

According to an old Scottish saying, the father buys it, the son builds it, the grandson sells it, and his son begs. In fact, a US study reveals that as many as 70% of intergenerational transfers of wealth fail. Too many people simply place the blame for this on the “kids” who received the money, but a recent analysis we have come across exposes the real reasons.

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The Importance Of Being Wrong

Even the greats get it wrong sometimes. Sir Alex Ferguson is widely regarded as the best football manager of all time, yet his win ratio with Manchester United was only 59%. Or viewed from a different angle, he didn’t win close to half (41%) of the matches he managed. And the best fund managers? Same story. Just over half (53%) of the stocks selected into their portfolios outperform the index! So what makes these losers … winners?

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The true cost of emigrating – expat tax

Changes in the tax structure of South African expats are imminent, necessitating many of them to carefully consider their tax residency status. This can be a tricky business because of some confusion around the difference between financial emigration and becoming a non-resident for tax purposes. Sable International forex specialist Tim Powell looks at the options, which we are sharing with you.

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