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Rick Briers-Danks
Financial Planner
Rick Briers-Danks joined Veritas Wealth in 2009 after realising that helping others achieve their financial goals was his passion.

He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional who has passed the Key Individual and Rep Regulatory Exams and has a post-graduate diploma in Financial Planning.

After completing a BCom (Hons) degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1996, Rick received his CIMA qualification and began practising as an accountant in the UK. He remained there for eight years, working in various financial roles, but eventually South Africa won out, and in 2005 he returned, as Financial Director of Hertz Southern Africa, before joining Veritas.

Financial planning done well can change people’s lives forever. Rick enjoys making a difference for the clients he works with by helping them make good decisions around money, to become financially secure and achieve their life goals.

Rick credits his affinity for financial planning with the experience of losing his father at the age of 16. The eldest of four, Rick suddenly found himself assisting his mother at the head of the family, and through some challenging personal times, learned early on in life the value of financial planning.

Rick and his wife Lindy live in Rondebosch and have three children. An avid traveller, Rick has camped on Easter Island with only the shirt on his back, walked the Inca Trail, observed gorillas in the Ugandan jungle and visited Sri Lanka shortly after the 2004 tsunami. Over the years, his love of both travel and long-distance running have intersected frequently; he has run the London Marathon twice, as well as marathons in Vienna, Paris and Prague. Rick also has five Two Oceans and two Comrades marathons under his belt.

Rick believes in giving back and is very involved with the Cableway Charity Challenge which raises R1m each year for a variety of charities.

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