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Veritas planners are occasionally called on to comment on financial and current affairs. For your interest please click on the podcasts below to listen to some of our recent interviews.

Shoprite forced to pay Whitey Basson R1.8 billlion

by Barry O'Mahony | 10-05-2017

The value of scrounging (or going into debt) to afford private school

by Barry O'Mahony | 23-03-2017

How much will it cost you to attend university overseas for a degree?

by Barry O'Mahony | 27-10-2016

How to make money out of the rand (whether it recovers, or tanks even further)

by Barry O'Mahony | 18-01-2016

Everything you ever wanted to know about offshore investing

by Barry O'Mahony | 30-04-2016

Succession planning for business owners 101 (it’s an act of love)

by Barry O'Mahony | 06-04-2016

Get more than you ever bargained for by giving it away

by Barry O'Mahony | 19-11-2015

The heart that gives, gathers (but be careful you don't spoil the receiver)

by Barry O'Mahony | 05-11-2015

Get the best out of your investments

Get the best out of your investments