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Who Else Is In The Room?

In social settings, investment discussions can stir self-doubt as we assume everyone else knows more than we do. Amidst the noise, it is easy to feel uncertain among seemingly confident investors. But understanding a mental strategy can provide clarity amidst the crowd, helping us navigate social scenarios with assurance and gain insights into our role within the investing landscape.

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Veritas Staff News Corner – Shanell Domike

One of Veritas Wealth’s Paraplanners, Shanell Domike, has set her sights on achieving the highest level of qualification an adviser can achieve: to become a certified financial planner (CFP). To find out more about Shanell, the person she is and what drives her, read more…

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Veritas Wealth Reflections on 2023

The year has flashed by and as we enter the festive season, we reflect on what has happened at Veritas Wealth in 2023, including milestones such as an injection of new advisers into the business, staff honing their skill sets, some restructuring and a partnership with...

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Veritas Staff News Corner – Cole Zweistra

Before we share more with you about the professional journey of our newest member of the financial planning team, Cole Zweistra, we want to send out a hearty congratulations to him and his wife Julia Rother, who were recently married. Romance blossomed in Cole’s...

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Have You Got Enough To Do?

Waking up on the first day of your retirement with nothing planned may seem like bliss. But after a while, the novelty wears off. It is then that many retirees hit a slump and start questioning their purpose and value as individuals. In the third and final article in our Retirement Readiness series, we explore the question Have you got enough to do?

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Danger Lies Around Every Corner

Yet another investment scam has hit the South African news headlines. Thousands of investors will lose money after entrusting funds to BHI Trust, which was essentially a fraudulent Ponzi scheme. The BHI Trust allegedly raked in almost R3bn, and only around R4m has been tracked down. Veritas Wealth, a regulated and licensed financial advisory business, reflects on its role in keeping its clients’ funds safe.

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