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Go Big, Then Stop

So, when is a good time to start saving to secure your future? It’s difficult to save from early in your career when your earnings are relatively low, but what if you do manage to start early, then stop investing and let compound interest do the rest of the saving for you? The outcome can be quite startling, as wealth management specialist Nick Maggiuli has discovered. We thought we would share his findings with you.

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You’re Not Listening to Me

So you think you’re a good listener. Ever paused to consider whether you really are a good listener or just one of those people who only hears what’s being said? Veritas Wealth partner Rick Briers-Danks shares his thoughts on the differences between listening and hearing and discovers just how profoundly different they are.

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Needs vs Wants – A Simple Exercise

Most of us have a pretty good understanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and therefore can distinguish between our Needs and Wants. But perhaps we need to dig a bit deeper to truly distinguish them? Veritas Wealth partner Rick Briers-Danks invites you to take up pen and paper, make two columns, and do some earnest thinking about your real Needs and Wants.

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