Return of Your Capital

Occasionally we receive calls from clients who have come across an opportunity that offers amazing returns. A fairly common practice in South Africa where many look for different ways to subsidise their incomes, these offers often come with unseen risks and background complications. What you always need to remember when considering them is to shift your thinking away from a “Return on Capital” to a “Return of Capital.”

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What we can and can’t control

In the past couple of years we have lived through numerous crises: Cape Town’s Day Zero water disaster, the Covid-19 pandemic, the unrest in July 2021 and our country’s ongoing power challenges. Then, just as we all thought we were seeing some light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine. In the midst of this new tragedy and its knock-on effects, there are some very important questions we need to be asking ourselves.

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To Buy or Not to Buy

Adults are often expected to agree on the best financial advice. But, on a recent holiday with friends, Veritas co-founder Rick Briers-Danks discovered contrasting opinions on buying versus renting. Traditional views are being challenged by a rapidly changing world where the property market is in a state of flux, and potential homeowners enjoy far greater options.

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