Are you an eater or a waiter?

It seems so clear cut. The best chance you have to achieve your investment goals is to save regularly over the long term. So why do so many people fail to follow this logic? It requires delayed gratification, not something the world we live in subscribes to. In this light, we wanted to share some insights from Nic Andrew, Head of Nedgroup Investments.

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Reclaim the State

Many commentators are coming close to consigning President Cyril Ramaphosa to lame duck status. “Just do something”, they cry. One commentator who thinks the President is not only doing something but is succeeding to a large degree is political analyst JP Landman. His recent investment research note, published by Nedbank Private Wealth, provides an interesting perspective we thought we would share with you.

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Buy, Build, Sell or Beg?

According to an old Scottish saying, the father buys it, the son builds it, the grandson sells it, and his son begs. In fact, a US study reveals that as many as 70% of intergenerational transfers of wealth fail. Too many people simply place the blame for this on the “kids” who received the money, but a recent analysis we have come across exposes the real reasons.

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