Industry Trends

What’s Going On Out There?

So, what’s going on in an investment world disrupted by the pandemic? Veritas Wealth founder Barry O’Mahony analyses how markets and asset managers have been impacted by the pandemic and how we are responding by increasing the allocation in our portfolios to value-style investing.

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Reflections On a Very Covid Year

The old cliché that history tends to repeat itself certainly has a ring of truth about it.  Wars end, followed by booms, then crashes, uprisings, pandemics, breakthroughs, more booms, and so the cycle seems to repeat itself in varying order.  But the question that does seem to pop up after a terrible event is what lessons we’ve actually learned. A US columnist and author has surveyed history and come up with a surprising answer.

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Investing Is Not Only About Money

Yes, the times they certainly are a-changing. So, as we make our faltering way into an uncertain world traumatised by the Covid-19 pandemic, what options do we have to invest in a more secure and sustainable future? If this year has taught us anything it’s that we should always look beyond only investing our money and invest more in ourselves.

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