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South Africa: Despair on Monday, Hope on Tuesday

The recent election results and formation of government have brought a sense of hope and renewal to our country. As the dust settles, many are optimistic about the potential economic outcomes. With hopefully, a newfound sense of stability and direction, businesses and investors are poised to thrive. In this article, we explore the possible economic implications of the new political landscape and what it could mean for your financial future.

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What does independence mean to you?

Many investors want the comfort of knowing that the financial advisers who they work with have no conflicts of interest in how they invest their clients’ money. They want advice from an advisor who is not only a Certified Financial Planner but who acts independently and is free from bias. After much deliberation by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, new legislation has been enacted that Veritas Wealth Partner Rick Briers-Danks believes gives consumers greater clarity on what it means to be an independent advisory practice.

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Mind The Gap!

The most popular topic on Reddit in 2021 started with a C but it wasn’t Covid. People mentioned Cryptocurrency 6.6 million times. One thing is sure, Blockchain technology is here to stay, and the cryptocurrencies it underpins will probably be brought into the financial mainstream at some point. So, should you buy cryptocurrencies as part of your investment and retirement portfolio? Veritas Wealth founder Barry O’Mahony takes another look at what’s going on out there and shares his view.

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Cutting Through the Crypto Clutter

As financial planners we are continually asked for our opinion on Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies. It is a hugely divisive and for some, emotional topic with very few people sitting on the fence. Around four years ago, we thought that Bitcoin would be a ‘’boom bust’’...

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