Financial Planning

What does independence mean to you?

Many investors want the comfort of knowing that the financial advisers who they work with have no conflicts of interest in how they invest their clients’ money. They want advice from an advisor who is not only a Certified Financial Planner but who acts independently and is free from bias. After much deliberation by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, new legislation has been enacted that Veritas Wealth Partner Rick Briers-Danks believes gives consumers greater clarity on what it means to be an independent advisory practice.

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Go Big, Then Stop

So, when is a good time to start saving to secure your future? It’s difficult to save from early in your career when your earnings are relatively low, but what if you do manage to start early, then stop investing and let compound interest do the rest of the saving for you? The outcome can be quite startling, as wealth management specialist Nick Maggiuli has discovered. We thought we would share his findings with you.

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Great partnerships can save lives

Seeking the best medical treatment can be as bewildering as finding the right financial investment advice. Veritas Wealth founder Barry O’Mahony recently had an experience that reinforced for him the right way to go about getting the best, most independent and trustworthy advice at the right time and for most of your life.

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