Financial Planning

The Geometry of Wealth: the only benchmark that matters

As many of you will know, we often ponder over the relationship between money, happiness and success. It’s certainly a great dinner table conversation: does happiness create success or does success lead to happiness? A recently published book, The Geometry of Wealth, asks: What is True Wealth? Author Brian Portnoy finds the answer in four words, each starting with a C.

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Thinking the (Usually) Unthinkable

So, you’ve got your future covered. You have a financial plan with a pension scheme and retirement annuities; you have insurance policies; medical aid and gap cover; a living will; a healthy spread of investments in property, and the income to pay for it all. So you have everything covered, right? Or is something missing? What haven’t you considered?

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Mind the (Behaviour) Gap

“It’s not that we’re dumb. We’re wired to avoid pain and pursue pleasure and security. It feels right to sell when everyone around us is scared and buy when everyone feels great. It may feel right-but it’s not rational.” US financial planner Carl Richards, calls the distance between what we should do and what we actually do when it comes to managing our money, the ‘Behaviour Gap’.

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