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From Life at Home to Life on a Tightrope

As the hard lockdown begins to soften a bit, we peer into an uncertain future and ponder what will happen next. Many of us crave guidance to help us along the road ahead. Scenario planner Clem Sunter thinks we’re about to walk a tightrope, a very wobbly tightrope on which we need to remain upright at all costs. Sunter shares four scenarios about what life will be like as we lift Covid-19 lockdown.

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See the bird with a leaf in her mouth

Confined to their homes during the three-week COVID-19 lockdown,  many investors will become concerned, maybe even frantic, about their investments amid all the market turmoil and uncertainty. So, what should you do? There are many, many questions currently circulating. Here are a few that we have collated and answered with our thoughts and opinions.

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Teetering on the brink of a credit downgrade

Chances are we’ll all be able to relax over the festive season without Moody’s joining the other ratings agencies by reducing South Africa to sub-investment grade. But come 2020, the single horsehair suspending that Damoclean sword over us will seem more fragile than ever. So what’s going to happen? Global investment adviser Fundhouse has produced a penetrative analysis we’d like to share with you.

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