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Don’t Let The Rand Get You Down

SA investors have been in a panic about the falling rand and wondering whether they should send everything offshore before it gets any worse. But, as we often tell our clients, if there is one thing that can make you look foolish, it is our currency.

With the rand so volatile, now is the time to keep a cool head and adopt a strategic approach to taking money offshore.

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The 10-Year Outlook on Markets is … Positive

Many of us will agree that it is better to buy low and sell high, but to follow this sage advice often feels daunting, especially now when markets are down, with lots of uncertainty, gloomy forecasts, talks of recession and job losses. The market, however, is forward-looking and here we share why it is at times like this, that it could be the very best time to invest.

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Reflecting on a Tough Year

Going back to November 2021 – just one year ago – the markets had given us some great returns. Being diversified would have seemed like an ineffective approach when growth assets were producing some impressive returns. But, it is amazing how quickly the tide can turn.

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Discerning between marketing and fact: fund fees and performance

In asset management, fees are a contentious issue – particularly in South Africa, where fees charged for actively managed funds tend to be higher than elsewhere in the world. Do you get what you pay for? The answer is neither simple nor predictable.
This month we explore some recent claims on a popular investment news platform that try to draw a simple link between asset manager size, fees and performance.

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Now is the time for patience and resilience

The last three years have been stressful for investors, from Covid-19’s initial impact on stock markets to the war in Ukraine, global inflation concerns and a rising interest rate environment. When we watch the value of our portfolio drop it is almost impossible not to worry. In this newsletter we look back at some of the global stock market crashes and depressions that provide some important perspective for the first half of 2022.

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Don’t blame the war!

In our review meetings we listen carefully to the questions our clients ask. Currently, most meetings end in conversations about the war in Ukraine, and the impact this will have on investments. Over the past few months it has become evident that many have become genuinely fearful about this situation, and the economic repercussions of the war.

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