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Have You Got Enough To Do?

Waking up on the first day of your retirement with nothing planned may seem like bliss. But after a while, the novelty wears off. It is then that many retirees hit a slump and start questioning their purpose and value as individuals. In the third and final article in our Retirement Readiness series, we explore the question Have you got enough to do?

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Do You Have Enough?

Stepping into retirement is a bigger lifestyle transition than most people realise. To help you prepare, American author Mitch Anthony says you should ask yourself three key questions.

Last month, we considered your mental preparedness under the title: Have you had Enough? Now, in the second article in our Retirement Readiness series, we delve into the question: Do you have Enough?

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Have You Had Enough Of Work?

Retirement is something many people look forward to with anticipation and excitement. But before closing the door on your career, it may be a good idea to consider 3 questions in order to make the most of your golden years :
• Have You Had Enough?
• Do You Have Enough?
• Do You Have Enough To Do?
In the first of three articles on preparing for retirement, we consider your mental preparedness?

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Rising From The Ashes: More Than Run-Of-The-Mill Restoration

Veritas Wealth client John Hammer is the focus of our third spotlight feature on Inspirational South Africans – people who are making an impact, whether it is on the lives of others or the environment and the world that we live in. For John, the only working windmill on the African continent, Mostert’s Mill, has been a lifelong passion, a cause worth championing. After spending much of his life in proximity to the building, he came to its rescue in a time of need after it was ravaged by a wildfire in 2021. He sees a vision for its future that few would have had the courage or imagination to implement.

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