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Meet Johan, 52

“I had accumulated a great deal of cash over the years which was idling in a money market account. My investment is now working for me and my family, which is a huge weight off my shoulders”

The Scenario

I am the CEO of a listed company. I earn relatively well and receive a bonus every year. I am an accountant by training, and fully appreciate the importance of having a sound financial plan in place. However, I work incredibly hard and put in long hours, and there’s very little time left for anything else. I was just not getting around to organising my own financial affairs.

The Challenge

  • I was too preoccupied with work to devote the time I should to my financial affairs.
  • I felt stuck between knowing that I need help but wanting to remain in control so I do nothing.
  • I was not sure what I should be doing with the cash I had in a money market account but I did know that over the years I’d missed opportunities that will cost my family.

The Veritas Solution

Through the Veritas financial planning process, I now know that I am able to retire any time I want but I choose to continue working as my career fulfils me.

The financial planners at Veritas helped me to:

  • Simplify my financial affairs by adjusting and/or getting rid of or insurance products and policies that no longer serve me
  • Set up structures to save tax-efficiently including looking at contributions to my company retirement fund, tax free savings for the family, local and offshore investments
  • Have a sound plan in place should I pass away unexpectedly so that my family are taken care of
  • Be more organised – having them on board means things get done in half the time and I still have the final say

In short, Veritas gets things done for you! With their input, I now have a financial plan in place that covers my investment strategies, estate planning, income tax planning and risk planning. And this gives me peace of mind.

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