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Meet Ron, 67

“My wife and I were concerned that we hadn’t saved enough for retirement. We now have a plan and feel in control of our financial affairs.”

The Scenario

I worked for 30 years as a senior manager in a exporting business and Rita, my wife, ran a small business once our boys left home. In retirement, we wanted to live near the ocean and do some travelling.

We were worried that we had not planned well enough to live our dreams and were feeling apprehensive about the next chapter in our lives.

The Challenge

  • While we were both on top of the financial management of our businesses, we had possibly not dedicated enough time on our personal financial planning. We were quietly concerned we hadn’t saved enough.
  • We had a bucket list of things we would still like to do, including living in a coastal town and spending time travelling and seeing our grandchildren overseas.
  • We realised that we had to sell our family home but froze at the enormity of this emotional decision.

The Veritas Solution

We felt more at ease from the first meeting; the Veritas team’s wisdom around retirement was remarkable. They asked the right questions and got us to articulate our lifestyle goals and really think about life in retirement.

The retirement plan we came up with and ongoing management of our wealth included:

  • Relocating to a quieter seaside town
  • Budgeting for travel and at least one scheduled annual trip to visit the grandchildren
  • A plan for the sale of the family home at some point to free up capital

Thanks to the Veritas team, our children are now also involved in the yearly review process. And part of the meeting is always spent discussing our next family holiday abroad.

We feel in control of our financial affairs and are glad to have a financial adviser that really understands our needs, shares their wisdom and puts our interests first.

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