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In Search of the Silver Lining

Persistent weakness in our economy is cause for concern and many investors are likely to become tired of being told to be patient, look to the long term, remain cool, calm and collected. So, what should investors make of all this? We take a look at what’s going on behind all the daunting headlines.

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Marshmallow anyone?

As the silly season rapidly approaches, stores are already filled with Christmas goodies (in October, really?). Many of us may be wondering how we’re going to survive the next two months without overspending, overeating or drowning in too much debt (or aperitifs). So how do we resist all this seemingly endless temptation? And what coping strategies can we use?

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Thinking the (Usually) Unthinkable

So, you’ve got your future covered. You have a financial plan with a pension scheme and retirement annuities; you have insurance policies; medical aid and gap cover; a living will; a healthy spread of investments in property, and the income to pay for it all. So you have everything covered, right? Or is something missing? What haven’t you considered?

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