Hope Springs Eternal

As the Covid-19 infection rates in South Africa decline and the long winter months finally give way to summer, we can take stock of our positions and begin to find a firm way forward despite the many uncertainties that still remain in our world.  Like many other companies, we are finding that embracing the new challenges is actually an energising experience.

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From Life at Home to Life on a Tightrope

As the hard lockdown begins to soften a bit, we peer into an uncertain future and ponder what will happen next. Many of us crave guidance to help us along the road ahead. Scenario planner Clem Sunter thinks we’re about to walk a tightrope, a very wobbly tightrope on which we need to remain upright at all costs. Sunter shares four scenarios about what life will be like as we lift Covid-19 lockdown.

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Finding Your Lodestar

What’s the best advice you have ever had? Maybe you look no further than enduring truths like, “A penny saved is a penny earned” or “A stitch in time saves nine”. Whatever the case, we came across
a list of nine pieces of advice from which to draw if you are still looking for your lodestar in life or if you feel you need some new inspiration.

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