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Veritas Wealth Reflections on 2023

Dec 13, 2023 | General | 1 comment

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The year has flashed by and as we enter the festive season, we reflect on what has happened at Veritas Wealth in 2023, including milestones such as an injection of new advisers into the business, staff honing their skill sets, some restructuring and a partnership with a UK firm. All with the sole purpose of delivering better service to our valued clients.

Veritas Wealth has had a busy year, earmarked by some new and exciting developments.

We set a goal some years back to create an environment at Veritas Wealth that would hopefully attract younger people into the business and ensure that they grew and developed with us.

Shanell Domike joined us as an intern in 2021 and the following year we welcomed Mologadi Seroka. Both are now full-time employees and have completed their Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Shanell and Mologadi will be writing their Certified Financial Planning Professional board exams in April 2024 and we are proud of their hard work and achievements!

We are passionate about empowering the people within our business, because each person plays an important role, which directly affects you as our valued client.

Not only are our team members continually upskilling themselves, but we are hopefully creating an environment to allow them to flourish in.

One way in which we support our staff is by harnessing technology to create efficient workflows.

Heidi Young who was previously an administrator in our business, is switching from our administration department into the advice side of the business. She plans to write the category 5 Regulation Examination with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) early next year, which will kickstart her academic journey to become a CFP Professional.

Cole Zweistra who joined us in January 2023 as an adviser, now also heads up the advice area within our Employee Benefits department and is being ably assisted by Shanell, Mologadi and Heidi. He is halfway through his Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning Law.

The injection of young dynamic people from different backgrounds into the business has been rewarding—it gives us an energy boost to see these talented young people’s careers take off.

In other news this year, Lore Winter joined Clare Cousins and Rick Briers-Danks as a shareholder of Veritas Wealth.

Further afield we concluded a partnership with a United Kingdom firm of financial planners, which places us in a position to assist clients and their families who either have moved to, or are planning a move, to these shores.
Clare Cousins has qualified as a CFP Professional in the UK and is working under supervision for the next few months. She will continue to work from the Cape Town office, while simultaneously being licensed with our partner firm in Kent.

We share a similar financial planning philosophy with our UK partners and are very excited about the opportunities that our partnership offers.

All five financial planners in our business continue to study and develop their ability to better understand your planning needs through any tricky life events.

The appointment of new blood into the business and continuous upskilling of our team has been a huge commitment, both financially and timewise, but we ultimately believe it will make a big difference for our clients.

Other team updates in the Veritas Cape Town office:
Heidi’s former role in our administration office has been filled by Chantal Wood who now works alongside Nazly Bazier, who has been with us since 2005.

Tauhirah Isaacs continues to run our front office and serves as our events organizer par excellence.

Susan Lockie ensures that it all runs smoothly and that the reviews and the statements of advice get out to you, our clients.

Last but not least, Bronwen Reynolds ably assists Barry and Rick run the business from a financial, compliance and strategic point of view.

We became an FPI Accredited Practice in 2022 and decided to enter the FPI Best Practice Award in 2023. We are very proud to report that we were asked to attend the gala dinner in Johannesburg in October and we were nominated as 1 of the 3 finalists.

From all of us at Veritas Wealth, we thank you for you continued support and after a short festive season break, we look forward to assisting you in planning for your financial lifestyle goals in 2024 and beyond.

Left to right:  Mologadi Seroka, Susan Lockie, Cole Zweistra, Barry O’Mahony, Clare Cousins, Lore Winter, Bronwen Reynolds, Rick Briers-Danks, Nazly Bazier, Heidi Young

Middle :  Tauhirah Isaacs, Shanell Domike, Chantal Wood


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  1. Chris Moll

    A huge thanks to the Veritas team great to hear your drive to never stop learning and upgrading skills will be a major strength going forward.

    Wish you all safe and happy Xmas and New Year
    Wendy & Chris


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